Recycling Bins Loaded With Goodies For New Residents

Burlington Union, Burlington, MA – Mar 20, 2008 – New homeowners of Burlington are not only moving into a great town, but are receiving quite a welcome. The Burlington Welcomes YOU program, implemented last November, is delivering a recycling bin of goodies right to the homeowner’s front door.  The program serves a dual purpose of welcoming new residents and encouraging more people to do their part to help save the environment and support the town’s mission to save funds in trash removal.

“We have put together a binder that is organized by category with a directory on the front that lists every business represented in the binder,” said Lori Kashgegian, director of sales for the Burlington Welcomes YOU program. “The binder, which we call our local business directory, serves as an invaluable reference book for new homeowners when they are looking for specific services or products,”

Also included in the bin is a wide variety of marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, menus, coupons, and special offers to help new residents with their purchase decisions. Magnets with the businesses and phone numbers are also supplied for easy, visible reference.

“The bins provide new residents with information about the town of Burlington, complete with contact information about every department and organization in town. Basically, it answers who, what, when and where for them. This alone is a wonderful and very convenient feature,” said Kashgegian.

The program, which currently has 28 confirmed participants, is hoping to accrue more businesses that will help welcome new homeowners by providing useful and valuable consumer information.

“We hope to supply a venue for local businesses in which they can connect with potential future customers and hopefully create lasting and lucrative relationships. Most importantly, we hope this increases recycling awareness for the town of Burlington,” she said.

Wendi Dellemonico of A Better Way Errand Service (ABW) agrees.

“This will help reduce the expense of trash removal incurred by the town and taxpayers, while also responsibly protecting our environment for the future,” she said.

Some Burlington Welcomes YOU categories include home services, home retail, personal services, restaurants by category, bakeries, catering, supermarkets, specialty markets, financial services, health/fitness, including equipment purchases, and family/children/entertainment/recreation.

“I would like to say that receiving my packet of information and the recycling bin from the Burlington Welcomes You Program really gave me a sense of community,” said Maureen Parker, a recent recipient of the Burlington Welcomes YOU program.

“I was surprised and delighted to receive the bin. I must admit that prior to this, I really did not know what the Rotary Club was about. It was nice to read about them and all the other sponsors of the program. I have already used some of my coupons and will definitely check out many of the new businesses that included pens, mugs, and chip clip holders in the bin. It is a wonderful program that promotes a positive impression of the town, its businesses, and the people who live here.”

Kashgegian first targeted local family owned businesses, giving them an opportunity to be the first to market themselves to new homeowners.

“I have been met with great enthusiasm from business owners who view this as a win/win endeavor. I have been very pleased to see how many business owners in our town are motivated to help support their community. A few have gone so far as to say that as long as they can support such an important initiative for the town, the advertising benefits are secondary to them. Now those are the types of people we want to help succeed! They are great assets to our town,” said Kashgegian.

What pleases Kashgegian is that new homeowners won’t have to research where to obtain a bin. The recycling process can begin immediately.

“We are hopeful that it will also encourage those who would never think to recycle to start doing so. We want non-recyclers to catch on as they hear about this from their new neighbors and see more and more bins on the curbs,” she said

“This is such a unique program. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity as director of sales. I immediately recognized that this would be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, and because I believe strongly in all of the goals of this program, I am energized to see it succeed.”

To advertise your business in the Burlington Welcomes YOU program, please contact Lori Kashgegian, Director of Sales at 617-538-5358 or e-mail For general information, contact Wendi Dellemonico, owner of A Better Way Errand Service 339-234-1200 or e-mail