Burlington Welcomes You

Burlington Union, Burlington, MA –September 23, 2007–A chain of events helped business owner, Wendi Dellemonico, bring new residents a warm welcome.  Dellemonico, of A Better Way Errand and Pet Sitting Service, (ABW), wanted to establish a homeowner program to help ease the transition of moving to a new town, but wasn’t sure how she would deliver the information that participating businesses would be providing.  Not long after her idea, Dellemonico happened to meet Selectman Sonia Rollins at a mutual friend’s house, where she told Rollins of her plans.

“We discussed the possibility of a program to welcome new homeowners, but I wasn’t sure how to deliver the product,” said Dellemonico.

In the meantime, Rollins had been assigned the Recycling Committee as one of her sub committees.  Incoming Rotary President John Tuccinardi contacted Rollins and told her the original Burlington Rotary would like to purchase recycling bins for the town. Tuccinardi’s only problem was the storage and delivery of the bins.  Rollins immediately thought of Dellemonico, and introduced the two, hoping that Dellemonico and the Rotary Club would prove to be a good match.

“When I met with John and presented my idea, he was relieved to have a way to deliver the bins and was thrilled to partner with ABW in this innovative venture,” said Dellemonico. After a year of dedicated hard work and planning, Dellemonico received board approval from the Rotary Club, and Burlington Welcomes YOU was underway.

“We are fortunate to have such a great program starting for the incoming residents of Burlington. ABW will offer delivery of valuable coupons and information inside a Burlington recycling bin sponsored by the original Burlington Rotary. I continue to be impressed with the benevolence that the Rotary shows to its community, and this is no exception.  By supplying the bins, this program allows new residents the opportunity to immediately have recycling information, town information and information on vendors in their new hometown.  This is a program that shows a perfect collaboration between a local organization, a local business owner and the municipality. While supplying valuables to the homeowner, it will also hopefully encourage them to recycle…something that is not only important for the environment but also has a fiscal impact on the community as well,” said Rollins.

When asked how the service worked, Dellemonico replied, “When a new homeowner arrives, ABW will hand deliver a recycle bin full of coupons, brochures, and special promotions. In addition, town related information, such as the recycling program and a resident guide will also be included,” said Dellemonico.

The program, effective December 1st, was implemented to address the following issues:

  • New homeowners get welcomed into the community by local businesses who hope to find and retain new customers
  • Burlington’s recycling program increases the public’s awareness of the need to recycle
  • Town money is saved and, in turn, helps the environment.

“In this day and age, many people are working long, crazy hours. Most of us don’t even have the chance to meet our neighbors, let alone find out how to reach a landscaper or plumber,” said Dellemonico, adding, “The Burlington Welcomes YOU program will help ease the transition for incoming residents,” said Dellemonico.