Your Guide To The Best Massachusetts Dog Beaches

The Best Dog Beaches In Massachusetts (Plus Dog Beach Safety Tips)

Heading to the beach this summer? Why not take your dog?

Dogs love to dig in the damp sand, splash in the waves, and kick up sand as they run around. A sunny day at the beach is perfect for tiring out your energetic puppy, but also a great opportunity to take a relaxed stroll with a senior dog. Every dog has its day at the beach!

Most beaches allow dogs off-season, but our favorites allow our furry friends to enjoy a day with us even in the summer. Here’s some of our favorite local beaches that allow dogs year-round:

Best Year-Round Dog Beaches In Massachusetts

Marshfield Beaches – Marshfield, MA

Website – Phone: 781-536-2500 x294

Dogs are allowed on-leash. With miles of pet-friendly beach, this is one of the most popular places to take your dog along the Massachusetts shore.

Marconi Beach, Cahoon Hollow And White Crest – Wellfleet, MA

Dogs are allowed on-leash year-round, away from lifeguard protected sections, but only before 9AM and after 5PM.

Plymouth Long Beach – Plymouth, MA

Website – Phone: 508-747-1620

Dogs are allowed on-leash year-round, all day long.

Francis Street Beach – Nantucket, MA

Website – Phone: N/A

Dogs are allowed on-leash year-round.

Cape Cod National Seashore – Cape Cod, MA

Website – Phone: (508) 255-3421

Dogs are allowed on-leash year-round, away from lifeguard protected sections, and some other exceptions depending on the time of year. See website or call for more details.

Nauset Light Beach – Eastham, MA

Dogs are allowed on-leash year-round.

What You Should Bring To The Dog Beach

  • Water and a travel bowl
  • Treats for working on training, and to get your dog’s attention if they accidentally get loose
  • A muzzle if your dog is aggressive with other dogs, or likes to eat trash
  • Poop bags
  • Towels for sitting on the sand and cleaning your dog before they get back in the car
  • Hydrating, dog-friendly snacks like watermelon, apples, cucumber or carrots
  • Paw wax, dog shoes or other paw protection against hot sand
  • Harness and collar with up-to-date tags and microchip
  • Dog-friendly sunscreen for dogs prone to sunburn – those with sparse hair, pink skin
  • Toys that float and are easy to clean

Should You Let Your Dog Off-Leash At The Beach?

Most dog beaches have posted rules about letting dogs off-leash. They typically require a 6-foot leash, but may have some sections for off-leash play, or may be more lax about leash laws when it’s not summer. Even so, you may notice other dog owners breaking the rules.

Regardless of the rules, it’s best to keep your dog on a flat, 6-foot leash. Some loose dogs will be friendly, but others may fight with your dog. Your dog could run into the road, chase after wildlife, or eat something gross.

Unless your dog is reliable off-leash AND you’re permitted to let them run loose, use a leash. If it’s safe to do so, you can clip together a few leashes or use a long line to give your dog some extra freedom.

Retractable leashes are not recommended; they’re known for causing injuries.

When You Can’t Bring Your Dog – Call Us!

Many beaches in Massachusetts don’t allow dogs at all. Sometimes, it makes sense to leave your dog at home so you can shop inside stores, eat inside restaurants, and go to concerts and shows. Your dog won’t hold it against you if you spend some time without them.

Contact us before your trip to set up a consultation. Then, we’ll have a pet sitter available for you whenever you go on vacation without your pets. We’re happy to help your summer plans go off without a hitch!

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